Maintaining Your House After Interior and Exterior Painting

Correct maintenance of your home after a fresh paint job will ensure it’ll last the test of time


A properly painted home will look great and will last for many years if properly maintained. While painting is a time-intensive project, the value added to your home can be immense. A great paint job not only requires attention prior to and during the interior and exterior painting process, but also well after it is complete.

Both interior and exterior painting has a number of enemies that homeowners should be aware of that can damage its appearance and reduce its lifespan. Here are methods that should be practiced to maintain your house after exterior and interior painting.


Maintaining Your Interior Painting

For interior painting there is some preventative maintenance that needs to be done. First, an annual cleaning of the walls to ensure there is no fungus or mold growth is important. This will guarantee that the paint job won’t be ruined by organic material and will continue to look great long after the job is complete. If you find any mold on the walls it can be scrubbed off with a basic cleaning solution of bleach and water.

Dirt can be removed with soap and some light scrubbing with a stiff brush. Washing the walls annually will not allow the dirt to set and will keep the interior paint job looking fresh and clean.

Be sure to keep some of the extra paint lying around. If you notice any damage or rough spots on any sections of the painted interior a touch up could be used to freshen up and mediate any issues. If you notice any rooms are especially humid or become very cold in the winter extra care should be dedicated to the paint job. The weather, such as humidity and extreme cold, can cause paint to crack or bubble and will look unsightly. With extra paint this is an easy fix but to prevent having to spend the effort simple keep the house well ventilated, heated, or cooled.


Maintaining Your Exterior Painting

Exterior painting tends to suffer more from things like the weather and the constant wear and tear of the outside of your home. Choosing quality paint and practicing proper maintenance can increase the longevity of your paint job to 7-10 years. Washing the exterior of the home and paying close attention to any problem areas after every season is extremely important. If you wait too long, the paint job could get damaged and due to the nature of painting the exterior it could be a costly and time-intensive repair. It’s important to remember that the exterior of your home will require much more care than the interior if you want it to look nice. Weather elements play a huge role in how quickly the paint job deteriorates, so depending on which part of the country you live in, extra care might be required. Washing the exterior and paying close attention to any areas that are degrading is the best way to maintain a great exterior appearance.

When it comes to maintaining your home, the interior and exterior property need to be looked after properly to ensure the paint job lasts for years to come. By following the steps outlined in this blog, you can ensure that your money goes a long way when investing in professional painters. 

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